Architect of Code

I strongly believe that building fast, functional, beautiful looking websites is much like the process that architects go through to do what they do, in the physical world. In no way do I represent myself as a trained architect in the traditional sense and I respect the training and hours spent by those folks to earn that title. I love architecture. I love seeing what we humans can do when we put our minds to it. I love to see what we can build. What we can dream and make real. Those thoughts and processes hold true for the art of web design.

Today's technology permits us to work at lightning speed and sometimes without concern for proper design and usability for our customers. Today's emerging standards for UX/UI are starting to lay the groundwork for better looking, better functioning and downright wonderful experiences in our browsers and on our devices. Nowadays, properly designed sites are engaging, fast, easy-to-use and consider all users that may be accessing the content. Architects must design spaces and buildings that are functional and long-lasting by current standards and technology. Websites are similar in the sense that we must design for a consistent customer experience everytime they return to the site. Design of the content can be tweaked and adjusted but the overall experience should remain the same. Just like when that same person walks into a familiar building, or their own home.


Front-end development is what he loves to do. He loves the process of taking a design and making it 'work' on the web. Creating interactions and functionality. Making it move, making it behave, no matter how the site is being viewed or what its being viewed on. Different browsers, different screen sizes, different mobile devices. It is what makes this field ever-evolving and ever-changing. It requires the drive to learn, to evolve as a professional. His background links well with this type of work.

Originally from Illinois, Chris moved to Nebraska during his years in college. He spent years in law enforcement before moving back closer to his extended family with his wife and children. He has been a midwesterner his whole life and loves it. No matter what position he has held he has always been a learner and teacher. He loves to teach what he learns to other people. Especially when it comes to technology.

He works in HTML/CSS and JavaScript. He loves integrating jQuery when he can but still likes 'plain' JS as well. Check out the LEARNING page to see the latest projects in his toolbox.

Inspirational Reads

A list of the latest cool stuff I've checked out and keep close for reference and inspiration!

101 book cover

101 Things I Learned in Architecture School

-- Matthew Frederick

I know, you are thinking -- what in the world is there a book about architecture doing on a site about building websites? Awesome little book about design principles, critical thinking ideas, space, UI/UX in the physical world. All things that are helpful for building anything that is designed to be used by humans. All applicable concepts that inspire me. A consise, easy to read book that is compact and easy to bring with you or keep it close by at the desk!

I have a quick link to the book on Amazon for reference below. Check it out!

Find it Here!

101 book cover

JavaScript & JQuery

-- Jon Duckett

Awesome reference book for someone that wants to understand the underworking of JavaScript and its popular JQuery library.

Check it out!

Find it Here!